Grouper Tech's Clients

See how we've helped some of our clients! -

AquaSkinz - We helped convert their outdated e-commerce site into a sleek modern looking website.  We helped integrate both and PayPal payment processing methods within the site.  Furthermore, we actively provide technical assistance managing PCI compliance for the e-commerce store.

In the future we'll be providing assistance with SEO and digital marketing efforts to help increase traffic and sales.

meadows 		         medical supply -

Meadows Medical Supply - We helped Meadows Medical Supply by integrating their software systems to work across the entire office network. This helped maximize accessibility and productivity among key employees. In addition to this we improved their network security, provided guidance on configuring a data backup system, and configured Google Analytics for their website. We also improved the user experience of their website's homepage and developed tools to enhance their e-commerce platform's management abilities. More recently we provided technical assistance during a physical office & warehouse move by installing Cat 6 cabling throughout the building, rebuilding their computer network, configuring a Microsoft Exchange mail server and testing newly installed lines installed by their ISP.

Currently, we are analyzing the company's business operations processes and determining more efficient work flows through leveraging technologies such as Stone Edge Order Manager. -

Advanced Plastic Fabrications - We helped provide a content management system as well as a website redesign for Advanced Plastic Fabrications. In addition to this we provided training on how to use their new content management system.  We taught their staff basic SEO measures and provided basic blogging training.  Lastly, we integrated Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Central within their new website so that they can follow the impact of their blogging and SEO efforts as well as monitor the status of their website.

Currently, we are providing assistance with the integration of their blogging efforts with social media as well as with e-mail marketing campaigns. - - Currently we have linked up with their back end and product management team to convert their existing e-commerce website into a modern platform for e-commerce.  To accomplish this we've partnered with VPS Interactive to deliver a customized e-commerce platform with a ton of built in and custom features. The newly designed website is to be launched in the second quarter of 2012.  In addition to this we will be managing all organic SEO efforts, aiding with social media integration, and overseeing their blogging efforts.

Panama Sport Fishing Lodge -

Panama Sport Fishing Lodge - We provided technical and administrative guidance in recovering their website from a situation that involved a non compliant webmaster in turning over ownership of content.  Eventually, we were able to restore the site and provide full ownership of the hosting and content to the business owner.  We also updated the website's content management system to the most current version for security and functionality purposes.  We also performed updates on other plugins and installed several other plugins to allow for more functionality and ease of overall site management.  In addition to this we also created a sandbox environment for the editors of the site so that they may experiment with various features and not affect the public site.

Going forward we will be taking on the organic SEO efforts for and in the long run will be helping them with changes to the site in terms of functionality and design.

Wicked Start -

Wicked Start - We provided user experience testing on key elements for Wicked Start's web development team. Beyond that we set up Wicked Start's e-mail with Google Apps Premier as well as configured their office's wireless network. Furthermore, we provided guidance on back up services to consider for individual user and company data. We've also written an IT white paper for their user base to reference.  Lastly, we took over server management for their development and production environments.

Currently, we are aiding the Wicked Start team in their white labeling efforts by configuring a Linux server for NYU's center for entrepreneurship.

Nu-Kitchen -

Nu-Kitchen - Working with their development team ITX, we have provided end stage quality assurance testing for Nu-Kitchen's website prior to public releases. At times we provided business process analysis for web and software development requirements. From this we occasionally drafted requirements for the development team.  Ultimately, our combined efforts contributed to Nu-Kitchen reaching a position where it was sold to NutriSystem, Inc.  Under NutriSystem's ownership we managed the Nu-Kitchen website's content and menu management systems.

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